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These Metadata and Adaptive Object-Model pages are a collection of shared ideas and visions about how to build dynamic and adaptable systems. I have been looking at Metadata ideas for a few years, including the design of a few applications that use Metadata and Adaptive Object-Models to describe the business rules and/or views. Trying to make a system dynamic and easily configurable can be hard, but the payoff can be large. This is highly related to Business Rules research, specifically when you want to have automated ways to describe business rules and either generate the code or have the descriptive information for the business rules live in a database so that they can be easily manipulated. This is also related to Generative Programming Techniques, Metamodeling, Domain-Specific Modeling, and Model Driven Architecture.  

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Towards a Pattern Language for Adaptive Object Model (Poster) [HTML] [PPT]

What is Metadata & Adaptive
Object Models?

Metadata is just saying that if something is going to vary in a predictable way, store the description of the variation in a database so that it is easy to change. In other words, if something is going to change a lot, make it easy to change. READ MORE>

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